Wrought Iron Australia, gates, railings, furniture


Beautiful wrought iron, or ornamental blacksmithing, is rarely seen in Australia and is becoming less known in Europe and the USA. One of the main reasons is the cost is such work. Top end blacksmithing is very labour intensive, a small garden gate, depending on detail, can start at $1000 and go up from there. You are also paying for the originality of the design, a clever artist can make something with that WOW factor, a metal fabricator can only repeat what he knows or copy others. Wrought iron can also cost more if you opt to have things done “traditionally”, that means no electric welding- all joints would be made by mortice and tenon, forge welding, wrapping collars or some other technique. This will give the piece a look that is different from a piece that is just welded together, the joinery becomes part of the beauty of a wrought iron gate or piece of furniture.

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